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If you share your id, please see topic: Why did my username get blocked? Please ensure that you are entering in your username and password exactly as it appears in your confirmation mail. Please note that usernames and passwords are cAsE sENsiTivE. To avoid mistakes please copy/paste your user id and password. If you are still having trouble, contact customer service by sending e-mail to customer support and a member of our support staff will assist you.

If you cannot download a movie, please check your internet connection and computer. We are here to help you as much as we can, but please understand that we are not a computer repair service from a distance. Our movies are on monitored servers that are hosted by the best companies. You should be able to download or stream very fast. If you still have a download problem, please explain exactly what you do to download and where it goes wrong.

First off all, thank you for joining DFB Network. Your user id and password will be sent to you by e-mail. It should not take more than 10 minutes. It can be that you misspelled your e-mail address during the registration. It can be that something went wrong in the database system. If you don't receive any e-mail, please contact customer service, and write in your message the same e-mail address you used during subscription. We will check it out for you.

Too many unique IP addresses have accessed the member area using the same username and password. This happens if you share your log-in information or if a hacker guesses your log-in details.

To avoid this happening again, make sure you never share your username and password. **Please note - sharing your username/password is a breach of contract, and will result in an immediate termination of your account. *

IP Address Block - If you have multiple unsuccessful log-in attempts, your IP address will be blocked for a short period of time. Please ensure that you wait at least 10 minutes and re-start your web browser before trying to log-in again. If you have forgotten your log-in or if you don't know why your username and password aren't being accepted, enter the e-mail address you used during your subscription in the lost password frame on customer service page.

Max Download Violation - In order to ensure fast page-loading and download speeds for all our members, we have implemented a reasonable daily download limit on all user accounts. Please note that our limit is higher than industry standard, and you can still download thousands of photos and video files every day. If you were blocked for maximum download violation, you will be sent an email from our support staff.

PPlease note that we do not allow website mirroring, ripping or scraping software to be used to download our site. If you still need help, send e-mail to customer support by using the contact form.

Our movies play in Windows Media Player on mac and pc. If your windows media player refuses to play, your player is corrupt. To solve this problem, we advise to download and install VLC player. You can download it here. It has proven to be the best player to handle all kinds of different formats. Most of our sites have also Quicktime, mp4 for iPhone and Flash streaming. See the preview pages for info.

If you're receiving an error message when you try to view videos off the site, download zip files or download videos, please try these solutions:

* Hit the Back button to go back on the page you came from
* Hit the Refresh or Reload button
* Try to view the video, download the zip or download the video again.

If that doesn't work or if you're still having trouble, please try these suggestions:

* If you're using a download accelerator, please disable it
* Re-start your web browser. Make sure you close all open browser windows.
* If you're using Internet Explorer as your web browser, try the site out with Firefox. Firefox is free, fast and compatible with any other site you may visit. Download your free version of Mozilla Firefox here
* If you're having trouble with the Windows Media Player movies (.wmv), make sure you have the latest version of this software.
Please note that we do not allow the use of site mirroring, ripping, scraping or scanning software to download our site.

We all like faster download speeds, and there are a number of things that you can do to increase your download speed. One of the best ways to ensure your browser is working optimally is to regularly check for spyware, adware and malware.

There are two excellent (and free) spyware sweepers that we recommend:
* Adaware
* Spybot Search and Destroy

Please note that many, many factors have an influence download speed. Just to name a few: your internet connection, your internet service provider, upstream providers and general internet traffic, traffic to our servers.

We're dedicated to providing excellent member experience, and providing our members with state-of-the-art, super-fast servers that deliver fast downloads and page-loading. If you feel that you're experiencing an issue specifically with our site, please let our support staff know as much detail as possible so we can look into it.

After subscribing to our site, you will be sent an email confirming your subscription details, and an email to welcome you to our site. Other than that, the only other time we will email you are if your account becomes blocked, or if there are any billing or membership issues that we need to notify you of. We never spam you or try to sell you anything by email or distribute your email address to anyone else. EVER.

We will never call, write a letter or come to your physical home address. The billing company requires that information to confirm that your details match the billing address with your credit card.

If you join with a credit card, please note that our site name may appear on your credit card statement. If you do not want anyone to know that you joined our site, than snail mail is the most discreet way to join.

If you share an email address with anyone else and you want to ensure your privacy, we suggest that you sign up for a free email address (Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) and check it periodically. You will need to provide that email address when corresponding with our support staff so we will be able to find your account and confirm that you are the account holder.

NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT. We respect the privacy of our members. We never ever sell, rent, trade or otherwise distribute any of our members' (or former members') information, including name, address, email address. We are never involved in spamming or email solicitation, nor do we want to contribute to that bullshit in any way.

Your information is kept safe and secure on our billing company’s' encrypted servers.

Please note, if you use a free email service (like Hotmail or Yahoo) you are heavily targeted by spammers and online marketers. Even if you aren't using a free email account, it's likely that you will receive spam at some point... it sucks, we all hate it, but please know that we are not the cause of any of it.

We always recommend that everyone who surfs the internet run a spyware sweeper - Ad-Aware and Spybot Search and Destroy are both excellent free spyware sweepers -- to avoid unscrupulous online marketing companies from tracking your surfing patterns and slowing down your computer.

Think you have what it takes to be a model? We want to hear from you! We offer a great working environment, and great exposure on one of the best adult content sites! You must be at least 18 years of age, and you must have at least one piece of government-issued, valid photo identification. For more details use our contact form and send us a message.

We suggest you try it again later that day, if your card is still rejected, you can contact our customer support.

Here are some common reasons why your credit card might have been rejected by our billing companies:

* Exceeding usage. You might have exceeded your credit limit on your card.
* Invalid Fields. Make sure that all information and fields were filled in correctly. The mailing address you list must correspond to your billing address with your credit card company. Please also ensure your card has not expired or will not be expiring within the month.
* Exceeded Usage Limits. This happens when your credit card shows excessive usage. Even if you still have credit left on your credit card, you may receive this message if you have used it for multiple Internet transactions in the same day. In this case, you can try back again in a day or so, and your card will likely be approved.
* Card blocked by processor at either the customer's request or for fraudulent usage, stolen card, etc.
* Declined Due to Chargebacks. If your credit card shows a history of chargebacks and / or refund requests, then your card will be blocked from most internet sales.

If you joined via snail mail, please note that it usually takes around 1 week to receive and activate your membership. We appreciate your patience and please note that we will email you as soon as we receive your application. Please ensure that you fill out the email address field in your application, and that it is clearly legible, or we have no way to contact you to activate your membership!

First off, let us assure you that we answer EACH and EVERY support request that we receive! If you filled out a support request less than 6 hours ago, please be patient! We have a hard work customer support staff and we strive to answer tickets within a few hours of receiving them. Please pay attention to the fact that we check the support request every day (also Sundays and holidays), but not 24h/24h. Our customer support is also in the European time zone.

If you filled out a support ticket over2 days ago and haven't received a reply, please check your email spam / inbox settings. It is likely that our reply made it to your junk mail / spam folder. If not, please do contact us again.

Unfortunately, we do not issue refunds. When you joined and paid for your subscription, you agreed to the Terms and Conditions which state that subscription fees are NOT refundable.

Use our contact form to speak with one of our friendly Customer Support people who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you have lost your password or username please enter your email address that you used for your membership below and click 'Send'.

We will then email your password and username by email.

Cancel membership

Cancel your membership by filling in the form with your membership details or you can contact our Customer Service for assistance. In each case you will receive a confirmation in a maximum of 8 hours.

Attention! Please fill in your correct username and password in order to successfully cancel your account!

The extra check step that you need to take is only made to keep your internet information safe from any unwanted intervention!

In case you encounter difficulties in the cancel process, please write us at and one of our operators will immediately take it over for you.

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